Oh Great Spirit  (SSATB) A setting of the Lakota prayer translated by Chief Yellow Lark, first performed by Tabula Rasa, Bergen Kirke Autennale, September 2020.

And The People Stayed Home (SSAA) Asetting of the poem by the same name by Kitty O´Meara, performed by Clemmie Franks in multi-track. July 2020

4 Balkan Dances (flute and classical guitar) commissioned by the Boen/Fiskaaen duo and funded by the Norskkomponistfond 2019.

King of Carrion and Littleblood (soprano and piano) Settings of texts from Ted Hughe’s Crow. Premiered by Hilde Annine Hasselberg and Ljubov Katerli at AvGardEns: Identity at the Borealis festival Bergen, March 2018.

Standing Waves (multi-media concert) Conceived and written with violinist Roger Huckle, combining Earth sounds, with music from the west and eastern hemispheres. Their CD ¨The Wave¨ was released February 2019.

4 Rhapsodies (classical guitar) premiered by Hallgeir Fiskaaen at Avgarde 16 concert at Dalehallen, Dale, Norway on Saturday, 21st May 2016

Bestamorsklokka and Volvedans (Hardingfele [Norwegian folk fiddle] ensemble in 4 parts), premiered by Osterøy Spel- og Dansarlag at ungdomshuset på Hauge, Osterøy, Norway on 22nd November 2014.

Light (vocal trio), ‘Voice’ at the launch of their Patterns of Love tour, at St John the Evangelist, Oxford on 13th November 2014.  Poem by Elizabeth Jennings.

Heaven and Earth (SSATBB and soundtrack).  Premiered at Avgarde concert, Litteraturhuset, Bergen, Norway on 25th September 2014.

Blur Bhuva Saha (SSATBB).  Conscious Sky Concert, Østre, Bergen on 25th September 2014.  Otherwise known as the Gayatri Mantra.

Chaitanyam (SSATBB, percussion and soundtrack).  Conscious Sky Concert, Østre, Bergen on 25th September 2014.

Anima (SSATBB, percussion and soundtrack).  Conscious Sky Concert, Østre, Bergen on 25th September 2014.

Ananta (tenor, organ, tape), premiered by Charles Matthews and John Beaumont at the Bergen Kirkeautunnale festival on 1st November 2013.  A setting of an ancient Hindu text.  Released by Touch on Spire: Live in Bergen.

Nebula Fields (installation), soundtrack with space sounds, with a film by Kam Wan at the BAS Old Grain Silo, Bergen on 27th September 2013. Link.

Musical Harmony (vocal trio), premiered by ‘Voice’ trio on 2nd November 2012 at St Ethelburga’s, London.  A setting of a text by Hildegard von Bingen.  Released by Voice on Musical Harmony CD.

Sea Polyphonies (tape by Chris Watson and vocal ensemble), premiered by Issue Project Room, Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, Brooklyn, New York City on 5th September 2012.

The Conscious Sky (piano and tape), premiered by the composer at the Spitalfields Music Festival, St Botolph’s Church on 21st June 2012. Released by Touch on Bandcamp.

Silver Swan (vocal trio), performed by ‘Voice’ trio on 15th February 2012.  A setting of the famous text by Orlando Gibbons.  Released by Voice on Musical Harmony CD

Sacred Space (organ and tape), premiered by Charles Matthews at CTM Festival, Berlin 5th February 2012.  Released by Touch on Spire 5.

The Ziggurat Builders (vocal trio, ud and cello), premiered by ‘Voice’ trio, Khyam Allami and Tara Franks, at St Ethelberga’s, London, 3rd June 2011.  Poem by the late Iraqi Assyrian poet Sargon Boulus (1944-2007), of the same name.

Angelica the Door Keeper (vocal trio), premiered by ‘Voice’ trio, St Ethelburga’s Centre, London 8th April 2010.  Released by Voice on Musical Harmony CD.  Broadcast by BBC Radio 4.

Bee Symphony (choir and tape by Chris Watson), premiered at Pestival, at Queen Elizabeth Hall, London, 6th September 2009.  Released by Touch on Cross Pollination CD.  Broadcast by BBC Radio 3.

Huldresong (Hardingfele ensemble or chamber ensemble), premiered at Hardingtonar Festival, 21st June 2008.  Released by Osterøy spel- og dansarlag, on FelaLiv CD.

The Passing (organ and tape), Premiered at Spire, York Minster, 20th January 2007.  Released by Touch on Spire 5.  Broadcast by Radio Deutschland.

Elergy (piano and tape), premiered by the composer at Spire Live, at Oude Kerk, Amsterdam, Festival of Holland, 24th July 2006.

Laudate Domine (organ and tenor), Spire, at Fuse Leeds Festival, 12th May 2006.  Premiered by Robert Millner, tenor, and the composer on organ.

Om Mani (tenor and organ), a setting of a Buddhist chant, and Standing Wave (organ), Gas Festival, 4th October 2005.  Broadcast by Swedish radio.

Opposites Attract (organ).  Premiered at La Batie Festival by Charles Matthews, 5th September 2004.  Broadcast by Swiss radio.  Released by Touch on Spire Live.

Cyclofantasia (piano), performed by Jose Senitio at The Warehouse, London, 2005.

Organ Psalms (organ), premiered by Charles Matthews at St Mary’s Warwick, November 2001.

Awakenings, a dance theatre production depicting the mystical work of artist Donald Pass, premiered in Norwich Cathedral and then toured around England, February 2000.

In 1999 Marcus was commissioned to write the finale for the Festival of Classical Greek Dance at the Royal Albert Hall in November of that year.

Several recordings of Marcus’s music have been released by Touch, and are available from the Touch Shop.