Sacred Space (for organ and soundtrack) by Marcus Davidson. An envisioning of watching sunrise over the planet Uranus and its mysterious ring system. Performed on the grand organ by Charles Matthews at Bergen Domkirke (cathedral), Norway in November 2013.

The first performance of O Great Spirit by Marcus Davidson – A setting of a Lakota Sioux prayer translated by Chief Yellow Lark in 1887, performed by Tabula Rasa vocal ensemble at Johanneskirke, Bergen, Norway on September 27th 2020 at the Bergen Kirke Autunnale (Bergen church music festival).


An excerpt from Bee Symphony, a collaboration with sound recordist Chris Watson, where recordings of honey bees are fused with human song. A live recording from the premier at Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank in London 2009 at Pestival.

A setting of a text by Hildegard von Bingen, premiered by ‘Voice’ trio on 2nd November 2012 at St Ethelburga’s, London.


Excerpt from the concert The Conscious Sky by Marcus Davidson, featuring the vocal overtoning of Jayson Stilwell and violin by Manna Frøyland. Images curtesy of the Hubble telescope.

The Passing – Organ & Electronics. Recorded at St. Stephan’s Church, Mautern, Austria as part of Spire live at The Kontraste Festival, Krems, 11th October 2013. Performed by Marcus Davidson.


Organ Psalm V from ¨”Organ Psalms” (organ), premiered by Charles Matthews at St Mary’s Warwick, November 2001. Recorded by Charles Matthews at St. Mary’s 2004. Remixed 2021.

Bhur Bhuvah Svaha (SSATBB) from the concert The Conscious Sky. A setting of the ancient Sanskrt Gayatri Manta.


Hallgeir Fiskaaen performs the 3rd movement of 4 Rhapsodies by Marcus Davidson. Recorded at Loddefjord Kirke, Norway on 5th May 2017.

1st movement from 4 Balkan dances performed by the Bøen/Fiskaaen duo.


Standing Waves is a multimedia concert devised and composed by Marcus Davidson and Roger Huckle, using a unique combination of Earth sounds and film, with the music of the west and eastern hemispheres.

Happy Days by Roger Huckle and Marcus Davidson, performed live at St. George´s Bristol, 18 September, 2019.


Standing Waves launch their new album at Østre, Bergen on 22/02/2019, with new pieces and new films by Kam wan.

Tabla Dance from the Album ¨The Wave¨released on all digital formats 21/02/2019.


The Conscious Sky is a concert conceived and composed by Marcus Davidson, that blends space recordings and film, with vocal ensemble, percussion, sound track and Sanskrit texts.

Marcus composed a new soundtrack for this early colour stencil film from Pathé — one of the wonderful films from the dawn of cinema found on the BFI’s DVD collection Fairy Tales released 3 December 2012.


A setting  the poem The Ziggarut builders by Iraqi Assyrian poet Sargon Boulus performed by Voice (Victoria Couper, Clemmie Franks, Emily Burn), Khyam Allami, ud and Tara Franks, cello

A collaboration with Clemmie Franks on the poem by Kitty O´Meara, who wrote ““It’s very beautiful….; thank you for sharing. We enjoyed your incredible vocals and the artwork and mixing very much. Very well done!”


Sacred Space a concert produced by Marcus Davidson and Charles Matthews that expands the soundscape of the organ, using backing tapes, samples using recordings from nature and space sounds and voice.

Written for Voice trio by Marcus in 2010. The lyrics are taken from a translation of a Serbian poem. The musical style is inspired by the music Voice sings- Hildegard of Bingen medieval chant and Eastern European folk music. Recorded and mastered by Curtis Schwartz 2010