Here are some of the concerts I´m involved with (plus upcoming), press on the images for more info!

Barred Spiral Galaxy NGC 6217

The Conscious Sky

Music of the Spheres

A concert blending space sounds with vocal ensemble, percussion, soundtrack, Sanskrit texts and film. If you ever wondered what Pythagoras´ Music of the Spheres sounds like – here it is!


Sacred Space

Organ Concerts

Sacred Space an organ based concert produced by Marcus Davidson and Charles Matthews that expands the soundscape of the organ, using backing tapes, samples, recordings from nature and voice.

STANDING WAVES_digital cover

Standing Waves

Worls fusion music

Devised and composed by Marcus Davidson and Roger Huckle, Standing Waves is a multimedia concert using a unique combination of Earth sounds and film, with the music of the west and eastern hemispheres.

Upcoming concerts!