Standing Waves at # Choirs Gloucester

A feast for the ears and a musical experience that transports you through nature and the universe itself. Beginning life in Norway, Standing Waves was conceived and written by Roger Huckle and Marcus Davidson, and is world fusion music, using eastern, western, jazz, classical, folk, electronic, acoustic and film. They are joined by Kat Kleve and Edward Leaker for a performance that promises to open your mind and leave you entranced.

Gloucester Guildhall
Fri 28 Jul

Standing Waves at Cornerteatret

Standing Waves, my band with fellow composer Roger Huckle have their first gig since covid, presenting brand new material at Cornerteatret, 2nd November at 1930.

Standing Waves is world fusion music, using eastern, western, jazz, classical, folk, electro-acoustic and film!

Roger Huckle – violin
Marcus Davidson – keyboards/sounds
Anders Christian Jakobsen – Drums
Eirik Kvalbein – bass
Inge Breistein – tenor sax

Standing Waves released their first album ¨The Wave¨in 2019

¨19 out of 20, contender for album of the year!¨ Musik an sich.

¨polished composition, performance and production that give it an undeniable richness, vibrancy and class.¨ Chain D.L.K.

¨Captivating!” Rockerilla

¨. . . the wave announced in the album title could break. Out of sheer good humor. And the pleasure of your own stamina. . . Not exactly simple. But still nice.¨ Amusio

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Let There Be Light – premier

Looking forward next Thursday 22nd September 1800 for the premier of my piece <Let There Be Light> a piece about the first appearance of light in the universe, by the very excellent NyNorsk Messingkvintett at Johanneskirke, Bergen. Containing space sound and vocal samples plus visuals by Evelina Dembacke!

The concert is produced by Avgarde/Bergen Kirkeautunnale, with special thanks to Kulturrådet and Morten Eide Pedersens Minnefond.

Bergen is an oasis for artistic development and creation, the amount of resources and high quality new music it produces is amazing for its size. Special shout out to Avgarde concert series led by Sigurd Fischer Olsen, with whom I have a great relationship and initiated this project!