Marcus is currently focusing on music which reflects sounds from nature, often working with recordings in his compositions.  He has special interests in organ, dance, vocal and electro-acoustic music. He chorister at Worcester Cathedral and read Music at Birmingham University and received a master’s in composition at City University, London, studying with Rhian Samuel.

In May 2024, The Bristol Ensemble premiered Felefantasi, a string quintet based on the sounds and playing techiniques of the Hardingfele (Norwegian folk fiddle) at the Red Lodge, Bristol, UK.

In 2022, NyNorsk Messingkvintet (New Norwegian brass quintet) premiered his piece Let There Be Light (for brass quintet and samples) at Bergen Kirkeautunnale (church music festival) and was subsequently performed in Oslo, Trondheim, Hamar, Gjøvik and Halden.

Voice (UK based vocal ensemble) premiered new pieces at 3 Choirs Festival, Hereford and BBC Radio 3 in 2022. He regularly writes for Voice, who included his compositions on their albums Musical Harmony 2013 and Patterns of Love 2015 and Hildegard Portraits 2022. for SOMM Recordings

Marcus featured at the Bergen Kirkeautunnale 2020 (church music festival) with his concert Sacred Space, where his works were performed by Tabula Rasa vocal ensemble and organist Anders Eidsten Dahl, including the premier of Oh Great Spirit.

His work The Passing, which includes space recordings, was broadcast by Radio Deutschland for the CTM12 festival Berlin and is now released by Touch.

Marcus featured in the Bergen Festspillene 2012 (International Music Festival) with Bee Symphony, a collaboration with sound recordist Chris Watson, where recordings of honey bees are fused with human song.  It was premiered at Queen Elizabeth Hall, South Bank in London 2009.  Watson and Davidson’s second piece, Sea Polyphonies, which fuses vocal ensemble with sea recordings was premiered at Our Lady of Lebanon Cathedral, New York City in 2012.

In 2016 he premiered with violinist Roger Huckle Standing Waves, a multimedia concert using a unique combination of Earth sounds and film, with the music of the west and eastern hemispheres. Their album The Wave was released in 2019 with great reviews and was also performed at St. George´s Bristol with the Bristol Ensemble. They played the 3 Choirs Festival, Gloucester in 2023.

Marcus is a member of Spire, the Organ based project by Touch and has performed at festivals throughout Europe, notably Kontraste Festival, Austria in 2013, Bergen Kirkeautunnale festival 2013, Spitalfield Music Festival, London in 2012, and the CTM12 Festival, Berlin in 2012.

He has also worked in ballet and contemporary dance, composing and playing for London professional schools and companies, as well as Norway’s leading contemporary dance company Carte Blanche.

Marcus has lived and worked in Bergen, Norway since 2010.  He is trying to learn to ski, particularly the bit where you successfully stop.